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July 14th

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A 36 second introduction to #thememonday, voiced by @cunarders.

What is #thememonday?

Every second Monday of the month you are invited to change your avatar according to a certain theme.

Themes are decided upon collectively in the run-up to the next #thememonday, just look for the #thememonday tag, or check back here. Anyone can come up with ideas for a theme, so join in!

How can I join in?

Joining in is easy! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose an image for your avatar that fits the current theme.
  2. Upload the image to ADN using the website here (it's under Images).
  3. Post a message with the hashtag #thememonday so that we know you've changed your avatar!

What is ADN?

A social network. Read more about it here: About

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